Introduction to the Kayser-Brady Tournament

Posted by THE KAYSER-BRADY TOURNAMENT on May 27 2019 at 07:54AM PDT

Billy Kayser was a 16-year-old Pearl River High School student who died tragically on April 3, 2003. Alicia Brady was a 15-year old Pearl River High School student who died tragically on February 26 1992. At almost the same age 11 years apart, their lives ended in much the same way, both as passengers in car accidents. Now, years after we lost them, Billy and Alicia are reunited at the little league fields to, hopefully, pass on their love of the game and instill new friendships to a new generation.

Both Alicia and Billy were talented and popular young adults. They loved and enjoyed life, their friends and sports. Foundations in each of their names were formed shortly after their passing to promote and develop the same qualities and characteristics within the community’s youth. Their foundations award annual scholarships to students and athletes that demonstrate the same qualities both Billy and Alicia exemplified in their short lives. These scholarships are awarded to enable children to continue their academic and athletic pursuits and hopefully, to do so with the same zest for life that Alicia and Billy always showed.

Some of the happiest times they had were spent on the fields of the Pearl River Little League, and in holding a tournament in their memory, we hope to instill in each 9 year old child that plays in these games, the same love for the game that both Billy and Alicia had. Although they loved to win, having fun playing was just as important. If you didn’t win, shake it off and get ready for the next game. As Billy always said, “There’s No Crying in Baseball”. It was his favorite saying. Hopefully your children will have as much fun playing in these games as we know Billy and Alicia would.

More importantly, another reason for the tournament is to keep the memory of Alicia and Billy alive. As parents who have lived through this tragedy, our greatest hope is that our children are never forgotten. By holding these tournaments and watching your children play in memory of our children, you have helped to keep their memories strong and their lights shining brightly. You have also given us the chance to go back and relive some wonderful memories of a time of innocence and fun. This means more to us than anything else ever could.

On behalf of the Kayser and Brady families, the Pearl River Little League and the children of our community, you have our heartfelt thanks, may God Bless you all.